I have an established business, and have no time to do marketing

90% of our customers come to us with this exact problem. My calendar is so full doing actual work, that I haven’t got time to plan or market at all. Well, let Uproar become your new marketing department and we will show real results.

We have a product or service that needs promoting.

Campaign management and creative is in our DNA. If you are launching a new product/service that want to get coverage on or an existing one that wants a push during a key period, then we can help. Everything from simple advertising campaigns to product microsites and brand activations.

I have a marketing team that needs some help

Hired a young passionate marketer or team that isn’t producing the results that you were hoping for? Or did you want to skill up your office staff to become budding new marketeers. Let us steer your team in the right direction.

I know what I want, just do it for me

Already know exactly what you want out of your marketing agency? Well, Uproar does it all, and we like to think that we do it better than anyone. Have a look at our services and you will get a feel for where we specialise.

I'm starting a new business

Wow, that’s fantastic news and how exciting. We love working with start-ups and we are happy to work with you on a service that fits your budget.

My marketing person is away

Whether it is for a day, a month or 9 months – Uproar is happy to step in. We can plug into your business whenever and wherever you need us. We can offer a range of outsourced options to suit your needs and budget.

So what do we actually do?

Well, as we said above – Uproar is a marketing agency that is truly full service. Kind of a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs. In general, what we do is, we help businesses grow. We can help get your phone ringing, we can help get you noticed, we help you make more money by bringing customers to you. I know that sounds a bit vague, but if you click on the menus at the top of the page you will get a detailed explanation and basic costing of all the services that we offer.

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A bit about us.

We are Uproar. We are a marketing agency that is unlike any other. We are a team of actual real life marketing professionals, that have built up over 100 years of collective marketing experience working in the real world. Our experience stems from running some of the top brands in Australia, and as a result, we have a set of marketing skills that are 2nd to none.

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Want Proof?

Below is a selection of our most recent pieces of creative to give you some insight into our breadth of skill. If you want to see more, get in contact and we will send you our credentials document.

More Proof?

Still not convinced? Well here are a selection of the compaines that we lucky enought to call customers and what they say about us.

The whole shebang

I came to Uproar before I started Seli. They did everything for me. Brand, Website, Packaging, Advertising, the whole shebang. I found them to be patient and easy to talk to. I have come back heaps of times since we started and they have always helped. Thanks heaps.

Chris Iles
- Owner - Seli Services

They aren't dickheads

I knew we needed new branding and website for the company, but I fully expected that all marketing people were wankers. As it turns out - they aren't dickheads

Andrew Soane
- Managing Director - Interior Electrics

Depth of Knowledge

Brendan and the team at Uproar have been running our EDM and Advertising for Aqualux Lighting. The depth of knowledge and understanding of retail and distribution has driven substantial traffic to our site with some stunning creative. We would happily recommend them to any business looking for an agency.

Nick Coppins
- Director - Aqualux Lighting

These guys know their stuff

When you sign up a new agency, you’re always a bit concerned on processes and personality not hitting the mark, however the team at Uproar not only was personable but nailed my brief and delivered us a website that was above anything that we could have hoped for. Well done Brendan and the team.

Guy Cook
- ANZ Retail Sales Manager - Arlo

The real deal

Uproar Marketing are truly the real deal. We have been ecstatic on the results that they have been able to deliver to Logitech on each of the campaigns that they have worked on. Their ability to deliver top quality creative and concepts that then have actual tangible results is the reason that they have become a mainstay of our business.

Damien Lapore
- Managing Director - Logitech

Meet the crew

This is the Uproar crew. This is what real marketers look like. No instagram filters or corporate fluff – 8 real people that rock at what they do.

Brendan Sparks

Managing Director

Michael Bradfield

Account Manager

Laurelle Kop

Campaign Manager

Rachel McDougall

Public Relations

Dean Sutherland


Julieann Humphries


Keith Saunders


Emma Gilmore

Marketing Strategy

Like what you see?

If you already like what you see above, then lets set up a time to chat. Click on this link to get in contact.

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Want to see more?

Still not convinced??? Well if you scoll down, you will see some recent work and some nice words from our clients. Alternatively, click on the button to check out our services.

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Take my money now!!!

Stop talking and just take my money. Uproar looks awesome and we need you in our lives. Enough said. Click on the link and lets work out the finer details.

Lets do this
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