We'll bring the strategy and the coffee.

Strategic Services

This is where we can make the biggest impact on your business and is the biggest weapon in our arsenal. We organise Brendan (our managing director) to come and run a half or full day session with yourself and/or your team to customise or build your marketing strategy. He will cover everything from pricing and product strategies, to lead generation and brand, to leave you with a clearly defined action-plan for the future.

Don't be scared

We find that many small businesses are uncomfortable getting a subject matter expert into their business to give them advice. Are they going to tell me that I’m doing it all wrong, are they going to criticise my strategy. This isn’t about finding problems, it’s about helping find solutions

Fresh eyes are key

You love your product or service so much, and you have spent so much time making it perfect. Sometimes it blinds you to what your customers want or what the market is doing. Sometimes bringing in a fresh set of eyes that can look at your business objectively, can make all the difference.

There is no time.

We know that you are busy. We know it’s almost impossible to get half a day to sit down and plan for the future. By bringing in a facilitator to run the workshop, we can make sure that the time is used as productively as possible

So…Intersted yet?

If you like what we have to say and you think that we might be the right agency for you, then look no further. Click on this pretty little button and send us your details. One of our team will call you and set up a chat.

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  • 1/2 Day Strategy Workshop
  • $ 1,250 per session
  • Your 1/2 day strategy workshop is totally customisable. We can use the time focusing on whatever you would like, and we will come up with an agenda that suits. Generally, the topics that we would suggest are;

    • Product / Service positioning and pricing strategies
    • Brand perception and value proposition
    • Realistic goal setting
    • Lead generation activities
    • Reporting and returns
  • Full Day Strategy Workshop
  • $ 2,400 per session
  • The full-day strategy session is very similar the half day, only more detailed. The goal with the full day session is to end up with a 12-month tactical game-plan that you can walk away with.  Again customisable, and could include everything that we listed under the half day. In addition, though, you would get;

    •  All the actions recorded into a tactical plan document
    • Session on competitive market and positioning
    •  Follow up meeting at the 3 and 6-month mark to check the progress
  • Marketing Plan
  • $ Just Ask
  • You want a complete marketing roadmap for what your business needs to do in order to get the $$$ flowing the way that you want. Normally we will require a strategy session to kick things off. From there, our senior staff will pull together a document that you can use to keep the business on track.

    • Competitive landscape and positioning
    • Advertising plan, lead generation and presentation
    • Social media
    • Pricing and promotional strategies
  • It's just casual
  • $ 220 hour
  • Generally, if you need strategic consulting on whatever you are trying to do – our skillset across the team is very strong. If you have a question, we have answers.

    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Strategy
    • Advertising Strategy
    • Funnel Strategy
    • Sales & Marketing internal alliance
    • Customer communication Strategy
    • PR Strategy