Pulled pork is one of those dishes that gets you hooked on BBQ, and once you learn to make it you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. The 2 key things here are preparation and patience, pulled pork is easy as long as you have them. Whilst it may take a long time to prepare it’s well worth the wait for that tender porky goodness. We usually start a cook in the morning, marinading at around 10am but not putting the butt on until midnight, and it’s normally ready for lunchtime the next day.

Method; Hot smoking
Suggested Woods; Hickory, Apple, Maple
Approx. Cook Time; 12-14 hours


  • Pork shoulder, bone in
  • BBQ rub
  • English mustard
  • Cola (No diet – the sugar is important) or Fruit Juice (Mango or apple is best)

Step 1

First of all, pour about 2 cups of cola or juice into a tall glass or cup and use your marinade injector to inject the juice into the pork, until it’s all gone, try to get in from every angle. If you don’t have a marinade injector, you can soak the butt for 12 hours in cola beforehand.

Step 2

Smother it in mustard, all over, followed by your choice of BBQ rub, or use a home-made one, wrap it in film and leave for 6 hours, before injecting another 2 cups of your sugary drink and putting it back into the fridge – take it out about a ½ hour before you want to put it on.

Step 3

Around 14 hours before you’re planning on serving (if you want to serve straight off the Q) light your fire, and get a nice base of coals, and fill your water pan with warm to hot water.

Step 4

Inject your meat again, and put it on the smoker at 220 – 250°F, and add your smoking wood. If you have them, set your digital thermometers for a smoker temperature of 200°F min. 280°F max, and your meat for 195°F. Check the smoker every four hours to make sure the fire is still lit and the water pan is still full.

Step 5

When the shoulder gets between 195 and 200°F, take it off, wrap it in heavy duty foil and let it sit in a cooler-box or sealed container for an hour, before pulling it apart by hand or using forks. The bone should slip out easily, just shred the rest, put in a bun with some ‘slaw and BBQ sauce, or try Roxy’s S.C. Mustard Sauce and enjoy.